Radioactive Sources

Pinestar Technology, Inc offers your choice of various Flood Source, Reference Source, Rod Source, Check Source, Spot & Point Markers, Rulers and Accessories for Nuclear Medicine, SPECT/PET. 

Return Kits for your spent source are provided at No Charge on a "One to One" basis!   US & Canada only

ProKase™/Pb Shipper/Cases

ProKase™ Clamshell Lead Lined Case is a highly portable storage and handling case for use with Large Field of View Featherlite™ and C-Thru™ Flood Sources.  The Pb Shipper is a 6 sided Lead Lined Cardboard Shipping Box used when a new case is not needed! Small Field of View cases are also available.

Flexible/Rigid/ Penpoint

Flexible Marker Source, Rigid Radioactive Rulers and Penpoint Marker Source are used to mark a point of interest and/or define anatomical locations.

Cs-137 Check Source
Symbia AutoQC

Auto QC sources for Siemens Symbia Camera HEGL-0133 & PHI-0124.

Sources for PET

Numerous PET Sources are available for Transmission and Quality Assurance.

Radioactive Reclamation

Do you have Spent Flood, Reference Sources, Rods, Spot Markers etc, that you would like to dispose of??

  • Give us a call and we can get you a quote for Return Kits
  • We will need the Original Calibration Date and Original Activity when you call
  • We are offering Special Pricing for the Return Kits
  • Available in the US and Canada Only
Model Number Product Name
RK Return Kit