Radioactive Sources

Pinestar Technology, Inc offers your choice of various Flood Source, Reference Source, Rod Source, Check Source, Spot & Point Markers, Rulers and Accessories for Nuclear Medicine, SPECT/PET. 

Return Kits for your spent source are provided at No Charge on a "One to One" basis!   US & Canada only

ProKase™/Pb Shipper/Cases

ProKase™ Clamshell Lead Lined Case is a highly portable storage and handling case for use with Large Field of View Featherlite™ and C-Thru™ Flood Sources.  The Pb Shipper is a 6 sided Lead Lined Cardboard Shipping Box used when a new case is not needed! Small Field of View cases are also available.

Flexible/Rigid/ Penpoint

Flexible Marker Source, Rigid Radioactive Rulers and Penpoint Marker Source are used to mark a point of interest and/or define anatomical locations.

Cs-137 Check Source
Symbia AutoQC

Auto QC sources for Siemens Symbia Camera HEGL-0133 & PHI-0124.

Radioactive Reclamation

Do you have Spent Flood, Reference Sources, Rods, Spot Markers etc, that you would like to dispose of??

  • Give us a call and we can get you a quote for Return Kits
  • We will need the Original Calibration Date and Original Activity when you call
  • We are offering Special Pricing for the Return Kits
  • Available in the US and Canada Only
Model Number Product Name
RK Return Kit