Radioactive Sources

Numerous PET Sources are available for Transmission and Quality Assurance

Model Number Product Name
HEGL-0080-3M Ge-68 3 mCi Transmission Source
EG-0317-3.3M 47 Ge-68 3.3 mCi Phantom
HEGL-0133 Gd-153 10 mCi Auto QC Source
HEGL-0080-4M Ge-68 4 mCi Transmission Source
PHI-0124 Co-57 50 uCi Point Source
NES-8429-SET Gd-153 450 mCi Source Set of 2
EG-0317-3.3M HR+ Ge-68 3.3 mCi Phantom
NES-8424 Gd-153 300 mCi Source
HEGL-0080-5M Ge-68 5 mCi Transmission Source
EG-0317-3.3M HR Ge-68 3.3 mCi Phantom
HEGL-0109 Ge-68 500 uCi Source
HEGL-0080-1M Ge-68 1 mCi Transmission Source
NES-8412 Gd-153 250 mCi Source Set of 2
RV-068-0.5M Ge-68 0.5 mCi Reference/Vial Source
EG-0317-1.2M Ge-68 1.2 mCi Phantom
78410 Lead Pig for NES-8412
NES-8497 Gd-153 240 mCi Source
CAL-2600-100 Ge-68 100uCi Spot Marker
RV-068-1.0M Ge-68 1.0 mCi Reference/Vial Source
HEGL-0080-1M P Ge-68 1 mCi Transmission Source
EG-0317-2M Ge-68 2 mCi Phantom
RV-068-5M Ge-68 5 mCi Reference/Vial Source
MMS07-153-100U Gd-153 100 uCi Multi Modal QC Source
CAL-2600-10 Ge-68 10 uCi Spot Marker
CAL-2600-1 Ge-68 1 uCi Spot Marker
HEGL-0080-1M TV Ge-68 1 mCi Transmission Source
CAL-2600-0.1 Ge-68 0.1 uCi Spot Marker
MED-3614 Co-57 12 mCi Source
EG-0318-2M Ge-68 2 mCi Phantom
HEGL-0080-1.1M Ge-68 1.1 mCi Transmission Source
EG-0318-2.2M Ge-68 2.2 mCi Phantom
HEGL-0019 Ge-68 Pin Source 10.81 mCi
HEGL-0020 Ge-68 1.62 mCi Pin Source
HEGL-0132 Ge-68 1.49 mCi Line Source
HEGL-0139 Ge-68 0.5 mCi Transmission Source
VQC-068 Ge-68 0.095 mCi Phantom
HEGL-0140 Ge-68 270 uCi Pin Source
GF-0227 Na-22 100uCi Point Source
HEGL-0111 Cs-137 20 mCi Nominal Source
MMS05-022-10U Na-22 10 uCi Multi Model QC Source
HEGL-0136 Na-22 100 uCi QC Source
HEGL-0137 Ge-68 500 uCi Capsule
HEGL-0138 Ge-68 500 uCi
HEGL-0141 Ge-68 500 uCi Capsule
RFQ1379-068-200U Ge-68 200 uCi UPET Phantom
HEGL-0110-1M Ge-68 1 mCi Transmission Rod
HEGL-0110-5M Ge-68 5 mCi Transmission Rod
HEGL-0130-1M Ge-68 1 mCi Transmission Rod
HEGL-0130-5M Ge-68 5 mCi Transmission Rod
FL08R-068-30U GE-68 30 uCi Flood Source
HEGL-0143 Ge-68 2 uCi Line Source
CAL2600N Na-22 1 uCi Point Source w/ Bullseye
BM06V-6805 Ge-68 0.5 mCi Vial Source
BM06V-681 Ge-68 1 mCi Vial Source
Symbia AutoQC

Auto QC sources for Siemens Symbia Camera HEGL-0133 & PHI-0124

Radioactive Reclamation

Do you have Spent Flood, Reference Sources, Rods, Spot Markers etc, 
that you would like to dispose of??

  • Give us a call and we can get you a quote for Return Kits
  • We will need the Original Calibration Date and Original Activity when you call
  • We are offering Special Pricing for the Return Kits
Model Number Product Name
RK Return Kit