Shielded Generator Containment Cabinet 1/4" Lead

Model Number: NMC-SG

NMC-SG  Shielded Generator Containment Cabinet

  • Constructed of 1/8" stainless steel
  • Generator containment area is lined with 1/2" lead on sides, top and bottom
  • Two sliding doors on top
  • Storage shelf underneath the containment area
  • Interior of cabinet is painted
  • Exterior of cabinet is covered in stainless steel
  • Available with or without heavy duty casters

NMC-SG  Shielded Generator Containment Cabinet


  • Outer:  48" W x 24" D x 40" H
  • Containment Area Dimensions: 47" W x 23" D x 19.5" H

Weight: 900 lb