Class 5 Hood with Built in Mini L Block

Model Number: CLASS5-LB-MT

Class 5 Dose Dispensing Hood with Pb and Built-in Mini L Block

  •   1/2" lead lining on the front
  •   1/8" lead lining on the sides, back and bottom
  •   Rear mounted light is included
  •   Constructed of stainless steel with the encased lead
  •   Ample hole in each side for easy hand insertion
  •   Bottom hinged sides fold down to allow easy cleaning of  the hood
  •  Top-mounted HEPA filter and fan assembly to provide the ISO Class 5 environment
  •  Air is exhausted via openings in the front, back and sides


Glass: 8" x 10" viewing area with 4 mm lead glass
Dimensions: 24.75" H x 14" W x 21.75" D
Weight: 100 lb