Personal Radiation Monitor, mR

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Personal Radiation Monitor

  • Dose Rate Range: 0 to 999 R/hr
  • Accumulated Dose Range: 0 to 999 R
  • Loud Alarms
  • Easy to Use
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Display Range: 0.01 mR/hr to 999 R/hr
  • Detector: Internal energy-compensated GM
  • Gamma Response: Typically 18 cpm per mR/hr (1800 cpm per mSv/h)
  • Energy Range: 60 keV to 2 MeV
  • Display: 3 1/2 digit backlit LCD display with a total range from 0.01 mR/hr (or R) to 999 R/hr (or R) also displays time remaining from 19:59 to 00:01 (in hh:mm format)
  • Alarms: Radiation alarms adjustable over entire range (dose rate alert, dose rate (hi), accumulated dose alert, accumulated dose (hi) time remaining to allowed dose (hi), detector failure alert, low battery)
  • Alarm Indications: Distinct alerts and alarms for exposure and accumulated dose
  • Loss of Count: Detector failure results in a visual and audible warning 
  • Audio: built in speaker (typically 95 dB at 30.5 cm (1ft))
  • Calibration: Requires no tools or software when exposed to a traceable radiation field 
  • Calibrated Range: Normally calibrated from 2 mR/hr to 999 R/hr 
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 65 C ( -40 to 150 F)
  • Power: 2 each lithium coin cell batteries
  • Battery Life: Typically 6000 hours (Provides 8 hours warning of low battery)
  • Construction: Injection molded plastic housing with sub-surface printed membrane front panel, completely gasketed for water resistance, supplied with rubber boot with built-in belt feed-through