Multipurpose Digital Meter

Model Number:

Model 3276

The Model 3276 is a versatile instrument that can be used for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes.  It can be combined with either internal or external radiation detectors to detect alpha, beta, or gamma radiation in applications such as frisking or area monitoring.  Radiation can be measured in several units and modes, including: count rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and scaler counts.

  • Indicated Use: Designed for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes
  • Compatible Detectors: GM, Scintillation, Proportional
  • LCD Display: 3-digit LCD with large 20 mm (0.8 in) digits, low battery indicator, MAX ALARM, AUDIO, USB Units: (k)cpm, (k)Bq, (k)dpm, (u)(m)R(/h), (u)(m)Sv(/h)
  • Display range: 0.00 cps to 999 kcps, 0.00 cpm to 999 kcpm, 0.00 Bq to 99 kBq, 0.00 dpm to 999 kdpm, 0.00 uR/h to 999 R/hr, 0.00  uSv/h to 999 Sv/h
  • Backlight: Continuously on to provide better visibility
  • Controls: ON/OFF/ACK
  • Mode: NORMAL (count rate) MAX (capture peak rate), COUNT (user-selectable preset count time from 0 to 10 min)
  • Audio: "Click" audio on/off, sigma audio beep on/off
  • Units: Changes the units between: Count rate (cpm, cps) Dose/exposure (uSv/h, mR/h) Disintegration (dpm, Bq)
  • Response Time: User-selectable from 1 to 60 s, or auto response rate FAST or SLOW
  • Alarms: Count rate, exposure/dose, and scaler alarm setpoints adjustable over the display range
  • Zero Protection: After a user-settable number of seconds of no pulses from detector the unit will flash a zero reading and the alarm audio will be triggered
  • High Voltage: 400 to 1500 Vdc
  • Overload: High Count rate saturation protection prevents false display of lower count rates
  • Audio: Greater than 75dB at 0.6 m (2ft), approximately 4.5kHz
  • Temperature Range:-20 to 50 C ( -5 to 122 F) May be certified for operation from -40 to 65 C (-40 to 150F) 
  • Environmental Rating: NEMA rating of 2 or IP rating of 51
  • Power: Four alkaline "AA" batteries for portable use, or 9 Vdc input via wall mount transformer
  • Battery Life: Approximately 50 hours, 16 hour low battery warning
  • Construction: Aluminum housing with powder coat finish and subsurface printed front panel
  • Size: (H x W x L): 6.5" H x 4.5" W x 8.5" L
  • Weight: 1.6 lb
  • Simple setup and easy to use
  • Versatile Instrument: can be combined with various detectors as an area monitor or frisker
  • User-Adjustable alarms
  • User-programable units of measurement, either English or SI Units
  • Uses either internal or external detector for Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Radiation
  • Standard Alkaline (4) "AA" Battery Power or 9 VDC wall mount transformer