Digital Meter with Hand and Foot Monitor

Model Number:

Model 3276HF

The Model 3276 is a versatile instrument that can be used for multiple radiation detection purposes.  In this configuration the Model 3276 is connected to both a model 44-25 Hand Monitor Detector and a Model 44-26 Foot Monitor Detector to monitor personnel for alpha, beta, and gamma contamination.  An optional model 44-9 Detector can also be included for frisking.  The instrument features a large backlit LCD display, an audio warning, and intuitive design.  Radiation can be measured in several units and modes, including: count rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and scaler counts.  The unit body is made of lightweight, rugged aluminum.  It is not intended for outdoor use and should be protected from splashing water. 

  • Indicated Use: Designed for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes
  • Compatible Detectors: GM, Scintillation, Proportional
  • LCD Display: 3-digit LCD with large 20 mm (0.8 in) digits, low battery indicator, MAX ALARM, AUDIO, USB Units: (k)cpm, (k)Bq, (k)dpm, (u)(m)R(/h), (u)(m)Sv(/h)
  • Display range: 0.00 cps to 999 kcps, 0.00 cpm to 999 kcpm, 0.00 Bq to 99 kBq, 0.00 dpm to 999 kdpm, 0.00 uR/h to 999 R/hr, 0.00  uSv/h to 999 Sv/h
  • Backlight: Continuously on to provide better visibility
  • Controls: ON/OFF/ACK
  • Mode: NORMAL (count rate) MAX (capture peak rate), COUNT (user-selectable preset count time from 0 to 10 min)
  • Audio: "Click" audio on/off, sigma audio beep on/off
  • Units: Changes the units between: Count rate (cpm, cps) Dose/exposure (uSv/h, mR/h) Disintegration (dpm, Bq)
  • Response Time: User-selectable from 1 to 60 s, or auto response rate FAST or SLOW
  • Alarms: Count rate, exposure/dose, and scaler alarm setpoints adjustable over the display range
  • Zero Protection: After a user-settable number of seconds of no pulses from detector the unit will flash a zero reading and the alarm audio will be triggered
  • High Voltage: 400 to 1500 Vdc
  • Overload: High count rate saturation protection prevents false display of lower count rates
  • Audio: Greater than 75dB at 0.6 m (2ft), approximately 4.5kHz
  • Temperature Range:-20 to 50 C ( -5 to 122 F) May be certified for operation from -40 to 65 C (-40 to 150F) 
  • Environmental Rating: NEMA rating of 2 or IP rating of 51
  • Power: Four alkaline "AA" batteries for portable use, or 9 Vdc input via wall mount transformer
  • Battery Life: Approximately 50 hours, 16 hour low battery warning
  • Construction: Aluminum housing with powder coat finish and subsurface printed front panel
  • Simple setup and easy to use
  • User-Adjustable alarms
  • User-programable units of measurement, either English or SI Units
  • Standard Alkaline (4) "AA" Battery Power or 9 VDC wall mount transformer
  • Measure Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Contamination