Low Pressure Ion Chamber, Non-Hazmat

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The Model 9DP-1 ion chamber meter is specially designed for radiography work where pulsed fields are being measured. This instrument correctly integrates 50 ns pulses (and wider) that other systems typically miss or measure inaccurately. This instrument measures both exposure and exposure rate and can simultaneously display the exposure rate with either the integrated value or highest rate seen by the instrument. The integrated value can be reset (if desired) using one of the four convenient front-panel buttons. The buttons also control instrument power, function selection, speaker volume, and alarm acknowledgement.

The detector chamber is only pressurized to 2.5 atm (22 psig), thus avoiding all (USA) HAZMAT concerns for shipping and handling. However, this reduced pressure also reduces sensitivity, so the minimum "good" measurement point is 2 µSv/h (200 µR/hr). The 256-color, bit-mapped display provides an optimized presentation of the data and is accompanied with icons informing the user of the active functions and instrument status. Alarms are manifested using color changes on the display and an audio output. The water resistant housing allows a broader range of work environments for the user.

The instrument is powered using NiMH type rechargeable batteries that deliver up to 30 hours operation between charges. Measurements can be logged to an industry standard USB thumb drive plugged into the instrument USB port. Data are written in CSV format for convenient retrieval by a PC spreadsheet or database program.

Radiation Detected Gamma & X-rays above 25 keV
Beta above 1 MeV
Correctly integrates pulsed fields with 50 ns pulse widths
Detection Range Sv/h units: 2 - 50 μSv/h, 2 - 500 μSv/h, 0 - 5 mSv/h, 0 - 50 mSv/h, 0 - 500 mSv/h
R/h units:  0.2 - 5 mR/h, 0.2 - 50 mR/h, 0 - 500 mR /h, 0 - 5 R/h, 0 - 50 R/h
Gy/h units: 2 - 50 μGy/h, 2 - 500 μGy/h, 0 - 500 mGy/h, 0 - 50 mGy/h, 0 - 500 mGy/h
Chamber Volume 220 cm3 volume pressurized to 2.5 atm (22 psig)
Energy Response ± 25% from 60 keV to 1.25 MeV
Accuracy ± 10%
LCD Display 8.9 cm (3.5 in.) diagonal; 240 x 320 (H x W) pixels; TFT active matrix; 262,000 colors; 220 cd/m2
Measurement Readouts Simultaneous display of rate, integrated reading, and highest rate (peak hold)
User Controls 4 pushbuttons:
  • Instrument on / off
  • Peak rate / Integrate mode
  • Audio on / off
  • Alarm acknowledge / Meter reset / Clearing integrated dose or peak rate
Automatic Functions Auto ranging, Auto zeroing, Auto LCD backlighting
Included Functions Integrated reading, Peak reading, Range lock (0 to 50 R/h) for reading pulsed fields
Response Time 5 s in lowest range, 2 s in all other ranges, when measuring from 10% to 90% of final value
Alarms Two levels of radiation alarms available, each are user programmable throughout entire readout range and set through a PC interface program. Other alarms include low battery and various detector failures.
Audio Outputs Built-in unimorph speaker, > 60 dB at 0.6 meters (2 ft.).
An optional audio jack can be installed for connecting to an external headset. See Options tab for more information.
Temperature Range -20 to 40 °C (-4 to 104 °F)
Power Eight rechargeable "AA" NiMH batteries, supplied with wall charger for direct connection to instrument
Battery Life 12 to 30 hours between charges, depending upon use of backlighting
USB Interface Single USB port, may be used to:
  • Connect a USB keyboard (with no additional USB ports, and no integrated mouse or trackpad) to facilitate password-protected parameter changes
  • Connect a USB thumbdrive for storing logged data
  • Connect to a PC with the optional interface kit for parameter editing and calibration
Data Logging Data is stored to detachable USB thumb drive in CSV format for easy retrieval by PC spreadsheet/database programs. Data points include real-time clock generated date and time with rate, integrated reading, and instrument status. Logging time intervals are set by PC interface program or standard USB keyboard (see Options tab).
Construction Durable molded plastic with internal metal support
Size (H x W x L) 21.9 x 11.6 x 24.5 cm (8.6 x 4.6 x 9.6 in.)
Weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lb), including batteries
  • Special Design for Measuring Pulsed Fields
  • Low Pressure Chamber is Non Hazmat
  • 2 µSv/h to 500 mSv/h (200 µR/hr to 50 R/hr) Operating Range
  • Sunlight Readable Color Display
  • Auto Zeroing & Ranging
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Alarms
  • Rate, Integrate & Peak Hold Readouts
  • Data Logging
  • USB Connectivity
  • Free Firmware Updates through Internet