PET Stainless Steel Cabinet 1/4" Lead

Model Number:


PETSSC-WCP-1: PET Stainless Steel Cabinet 1/4" lead, Extended Brick Cave Encompasses, L-Block and SHield for Dose Calibrator and Well Chamber

Shielding for Dose Calibrator Chamber, Well Counter Chamber and Sharp Container

  • Lockable front doors
  • Shielded box for 610R container, 1" lead
  • Shielded dose calibrator chamber, 1" lead 
  • Shielded well counter chamber, 1" lead
  • Removable pig holder that accomodates 4 pigs
  • PET L-Block with "C" shaped bite cutout 1.5" lead with 8" x 8" x 4" lead glass
  • Lead brick cave, 2" lead 
  • Dimensions: 40" W (does not include handle) x 27" D x 52.5" H (to the top of the L-Block)