Blanket Warming Cabinet 4 to 6 Blankets

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Blanket Warmers

These units are designed to elevate blanket temperatures to a level that will increase patient comfort.

  • Capacity - 4 to 6 blankets
  • Interior - 2.5 cu/ft    
  • Weight - 67 lb
  • Outer Dimensions - 22"H x 18.5"W x 23"D

• Adjustable temperature range of (90° - 160°F)
• Operates in Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Four digit L.E.D. display
• On/off button
• Up and down adjustment buttons
• Actual temperature button
• Built-in speaker for audible feedback
• Integrated button lock-out feature
Additional features:


Additional features:

Safety: In the event of a power failure the cabinet will remember its programming and begins to operate as before when power is restored.

Safety: A warming shut-off system, separate from the electronic control, prevents overheating.

Convenience: Access point and removable cover have been added to the back panel that allows the addition of data logging or temperature management hardware.