Blanket Warming Cabinet 20 to 25 Blankets

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Blanket Warmers

These units are designed to elevate blanket temperatures to a level that will increase patient comfort.

• Capacity - 20-25 blankets
• Interior - 7.5 cu/ft
• Weight - 134 lbs
• Outer Dimensions - 35.5" H x 24" W x 25.75" D

Single-chamber warming cabinet
• Stainless steel exterior and white epoxy-coated interior insert
• Door is fully gasketed with a magnetic closure
• The heating system incorporates multiple zone warming that heats
where and when it is needed
• All chamber surface temperatures are monitored, providing an
efficient balance of heat, low energy consumption and minima
heat loss
• The heated center shelf optimizes heat distribution throughout the
• 7.5 ft cubic feet interior accommodates 20-25 blankets
• Right hinged or left hinged windowed door with manual door lock