Nuclear Medicine Information System (NMIS®) is a management program specfically designed for Patient, Department and Health Physics Management.

From the largest medical center to the smallest imaging center, NMIS® has what you need to navigate through the maze of federal and state regulations.

NMIS® Software

NMIS® for Nuclear Medicine Department

Model Number Product Name
NMIS NMIS® Software

NMIS® Software for Nuclear Cardiology


NMIS® Software for PET Department

Model Number Product Name
NMIS-P NMIS Software for PET department

RescuDose is a pioneer in the field of automated medication dispensers and medicine dose management

Model Number Product Name
RescueDose Automated Medication Dispenser
NMIS/Biodose Accessories

Accessories for NMIS & Biodose

Model Number Product Name
NMIS BARCODE Barcode Reader only